Not an Actual Update

March 12, 2022 in 05 Ghosts in The Static
Not an Actual Update
Not an Actual Update
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Author Notes:

Axur March 12, 2022
if anyone needs me you can contact me via
Twitter: @axur111
or Discord: Axur#5346


bwooom March 12, 2022
wishing you the best! comics are always more work than anticipated. take all the time you need for the next update!
Axur March 12, 2022
yeah... but making art, specially the type that needs thinking to be made is worth it
bharts March 12, 2022
Take your time - making comics is hard and life is hard

I've been enjoying this a ton, and am happy to wait for more!

...side note, I like that "taxes" is included alongside all the upsetting topics, haha. Tbf though taxes are pretty stressful
Axur March 12, 2022
and banks, thanks for understanding
felixp7 March 12, 2022
Thanks for the update! Just take care of yourself, and take your time.
Axur March 12, 2022
Elaienar March 12, 2022
I just found this today and read all the way through. Very interesting, and your art is cute! All these landscapes and forest scenes are amazing. Looking forward to seeing where you're taking this, and thanks for sharing your story and art!
DHManga March 13, 2022
Best of fortune with your work! Comics take much time indeed.
ivory-birb March 13, 2022
I love seeing this glimpse into your art process!! Also the difference between the original pages and your newer, updated compositions, poses, drawing skills is amazing, your improvement is awesome to see!!! Take as much time as you need to keep working, your work is beautiful and worth the wait!
Mega October 11, 2022
Love the comic! Hope it's still going well and that it comes back soon <3
James Patrick Buchanan October 27, 2022
Just in case you need inspiration, you might use a Creative Whack PackĀ® that I used with my classmates in my University of Minnesota - Communications and Creativity class.